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Milani Stay Put Brow Color | Review


Milani is a well known drugstore makeup company. Recently Milani has come out with many new products and many of them are getting good reviews from beauty bloggers. So I decided to join in and share my opinion on the new Milani Stay Put Brow Color. It’s basically a brow pomade as Anastasia Beverly Hills call it. I don’t own the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade so I won’t be able to compare it to that. But anyway, lets look at the product details before moving onto my review.

naimaartistry-milani-brow-color2According to the website:

Stand out by filling in, like a pro. Count on Stay Put Brow Color to deliver superior staying power with up to 16 hours of wear time, the perfect amount of brow color, precise application and intense definition. Choose your closest match or combine two shades to achieve the most envy-inducing brows imaginable. Dual-ended, professional brush included.


The Milani Stay Put Brow Color retails for $8 on their website, and on Walmart it retails for $6.47. Such a huge difference, right? Anyway, the Milani Stay Put Brow Color comes with a dual ended brush (one end has a spoolie and the other has angled flat liner). The brow color itself comes in a screw cap glass jar same as the Anastasia Beverly Hills one. The amount you get is 0.09 oz, which is even less than the amount you get with ABH i.e. 0.14 oz.


I got it in the shade Dark Brown which is the darkest shade in the range. It has only 5 shades to choose from, so everybody might not find the exact shade they are looking for in this range. Anyhoo, I was very skeptical about this product and the shade match. I have used many brow products before and usually Dark Browns will tend to be warmer rather than neutral or cool. This was actually a neutral/cool kind of a brown and I love that. I have been looking for this kind of brown for so long. 😀

The consistency of the pomade/brow color is a dry like thick cream. You have to work quickly with this or it will set dry and you won’t be able to blend it. This is something that I like and I don’t like. I like it because it doesn’t take time to set but then again its bad because you don’t have enough time to blend it.


Let’s talk about the brush it comes with before we move on the swatches. This brush is so stiff and a little rough too. I am with the “spoolie” end but definitely not a fan of the “angled liner” end. It’s very stiff and doesn’t apply the product smoothly. The brow color goes on very patchy with this brush. Let’s look at the swatches below.


As you an see from the photo above, it product swatched very patchily. I tried to draw a straight line with it first and as you can see the product did not distribute evenly. Second, I tried to make a thick swatch by laying the brush flat on its side so you guys can see the color as well as how it applies. I don’t know if you guys can tell but it’s still patchy. 😦

But guess what? This pomade/brow color is WATER-PROOF, SWEAT-PROFF & to an extend SMUDGE-PROOF as well. I was out for all day and sweated like crazy (its summer here) but nothing happened to this bad boy. I also tried rubbing it with my fingers but nothing happened. I even tried washing it with my regular wash wash which also removes makeup but still nothing!! :O I have to use an oil or vaseline to take this off.

I would recommend this anybody who is looking for a WATER-PROOF, SWEAT-PROOF & SMUDGE-PROOF eyebrow pomade/color. But I wouldn’t recommend the brush that comes with it.


  • budget friendly, drugstore
  • opaque, pigmentation is good
  • water proof
  • sweat proof
  • smudge proof
  • blends well


  • only 5 shades to choose from
  • less quantity than ABH
  • sets quickly
  • brush is very stiff and rough
  • brush with the set is not good for application

Who has tried this and what did you think about it? Leave a comment below if my review was helpful/not helpful. You can also follow me on SnapchatInstagram, Facebook and Twitter. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next post.




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