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JANDS Cosmetics Rotno Highlighter | Review


JANDS is the first ever mink eyelash company in Bangladesh founded by Sheuly Rumu Begum. Initially they only sold mink eyelashes but recently have started a cosmetic line consisting of two highlighters and three liquid lipsticks. I have recently bought their newly launched highlighter called Rotno.


Let’s first look at the claims by this brand, shall we?

Our Cosmetics are:

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Allergy Tested
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Made in Canada (Lab 1) Made in China (Lab 2)


This highlighter retails for BD 1250 which is equivalent to UK £12.50. The amount you get is 4g. So I guess it’s quite expensive for the amount you get. It’s definitely not priced as a drugstore product. So anyway, this highlighter does not come in a container but rather a metal pan. It’s sold as single pans.


The highlighter itself is a very warm peachy color. For all the warm/olive skin toned people this is perfect for you guys! 🙂 It’s quite similar to Becca Champagne Pop except that’s more rose gold-ish. As you can see from the picture below, it’s very pigmented. I swiped my fingers lightly over the highlighter and this is what you get! :O I love the fact that it’s very pigmented meaning it will last me long.


The texture of this highlighter is very smooth and creamy when you touch it with your fingers. It applies well with a brush but I find it to apply better with fingers. Now there are two reasons why I am not a big fan of this highlighter. First, it has A LOT of fall outs. And I am not into products that have major fall outs.


Second, it’s very warm/orangy on my skin tone. It does not really show on my skin unless I mix it with another lighter highlighter or do flash photography. It also does not give me that blinding glow unless I apply 5-6 layers of it. Shocking I know! Especially since it’s poppin’ on my wrist swatch which could be due to the flash. BTW my hands are darker than the rest of my body as they are badly sun burnt.

I was very skeptical about buying this product as her previous highlighter was also for people with medium-darker skin tones. I thought this one might be for light-medium skin tones but unfortunately I was wrong. This highlighter is also for those with medium-darker skin tones. I have used it on some of my friends with darker skin tones than mine and it looks BEAUTIFUL!

Overall I do think it’s a beautiful highlighter but unfortunately it’s not made for all skin tones. Therefore, I would recommend this highlighter to those with medium to dark skin tones.


  • good pigmentation
  • smooth texture
  • applies well
  • good for darker skin tones
  • comes in a single pan (good for freelance makeup artists/ traveling)


  • expensive, BDT-1250/ £12.50
  • less quantity, 4g only
  • a lot of fall outs
  • very warm/orangy, not for lighter skin tones
  • comes in a single pan (might be a con for some)

I hope you guys found my review helpful. Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. You can follow me on SnapchatInstagram, Facebook and Twitter. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next post.




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